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Solitude – Spiritual Retreat


Another reason to select Sunrock Lodge is its location. We are located halfway between Blue Ridge and McCaysville, GA. It is 5.1 miles by road from Sunrock to the main intersection (515 & Highway 5) in Blue Ridge. Our view is over the Mercier Orchard and the city of Blue Ridge to the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. We are convenient to the Ocoee Whitewater Center, the hospital, and all of the amenities of the area. Some of our guests are diligent to ensure they know exactly where the cabin is located because they have shown up in Blue Ridge before only to discover that the cabin they rented is 15 miles or more out of town. Our close-in location still provides all of the privacy you could hope for. We have a 1.5-acre lot that creates a buffer with the other cabins in the area. Our location at the end of a gated road in a private development means almost no traffic. When we travel, we like privacy but how can you know if you will have the solitude you seek? There is no direct view of our decks from the other cabins in the area. One of the benefits of our location and private setting is the abundance of wildlife. We have seen deer, bears, turkeys, and foxes to name a few. Multiple guests have described Sunrock as a spiritual retreat. Experiencing a sunrise or a moonrise at Sunrock is an awesome event. Make sure you check the solar/lunar tables and pray for clear weather so that you will not miss a single celestial event. One of our primary requirements in selecting Sunrock was its solitude. During a visit to Sunrock during the spring, you would think you are in an aviary from the raucous noise from hundreds of birds.


Sunrock’s views are priceless but how do you describe a view? We bought Sunrock Lodge because of its design, location and view. We did not see these features anywhere else in Fannin County. Although we have tried and tried, we have not been able to do Sunrock’s view justice by trying to capture it with a camera. Before we saw Sunrock Mountain, we thought you had to go into NC or TN to get views like ours. Our view is one of the best in north GA and we paid a significant premium to buy a property with this kind of view as close as we are to Blue Ridge and Atlanta. Our unobstructed nearly 180-degree view is not blocked by any natural or man-made structures. We are in a private location and there will never be any development that will alter or degrade our view. The houses on the west side of Sunrock Mountain do not have our views. Their view is of the Cohutta Wilderness. Guests regularly comment on the views and on the effect Sunrock Mountain has on them. They describe feeling the presence of God and having spiritual experiences. This mountain retreat is truly unique and we know you will be glad you chose Sunrock Lodge.


Our water is supplied by the city of McCaysville. We do not have the water reliability problems that plague cabins on wells or private water systems.

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