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Also see Rental Info for more rate information.

Price is always a factor. All of us work very hard for our money. The salient issue is what do you receive for the price you are paying?  Sunrock Lodge makes no effort to compete on price. There are plenty of old, cheap, poorly maintained properties in the Blue Ridge area.  In our case, we have a major investment in the Lodge and its interior furnishings. If guests share accommodations, their unit prices decline to levels competitive with local hotels or less expensive cabins with fewer amenities. Sunrock's pricing is simple and straight forward. There are no extra guest fees. We do not 'juice' your rate by adding nuisance fees.  Because we are self-managed, there are no third-party fees.  Some of these fees can add 10% or more to your cost of renting a cabin.  We removed our property from VRBO when they started withholding payments and adding to guest cost while adding no value.  We do price according to the day of the week and for holidays. Weekday pricing is significantly less than weekend pricing and offers an incentive to you for taking advantage of a mid-week escape to the mountains. Sunrock's minimum stay is at least two nights.


About the owners.  Why do we rent Sunrock Lodge?  We have been blessed to be able to own a place like Sunrock Lodge and part of our motivation for opening our home is to share that blessing with others. Sunrock creates a spiritual experience for us and many of our guests on our visits. The seasons and weather patterns ensure that we never get bored with the surroundings – every visit is unique.  Meditating upon Sunrock’s incredible view is like being at the Grand Canyon. The view never stops changing. There is no way for us to ever stop yearning for the peace and solitude of Sunrock’s private, peaceful location.  I am an interim executive consultant. I work in hospitals that are distressed or having leadership transitions and help them get on a better track.  I have been blessed to work all over the country.  I became so enamored with the potential of Interim Executive Consulting to make a difference in an organization and for its community, that I went back to school and earned a Doctorate of Healthcare Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  My dissertation topic is The Contribution of Interim Executives to the Healthcare Industry.  There is more information about me and my work in my blog that may be found at  Jo Ann supports everything from home and travels with me a great deal.  She volunteers regularly in the hospitals where I work. We have two grown children and two grandsons.   We believe that Sunrock does better with light usage than the amount of usage our lifestyle will allow.  Experience has shown that rentals cover about half of the cost of owning the home and we are very fortunate that we do not rely on rentals to maintain the house at the level you expect.


Some folks prefer an anonymous relationship with the property owner.  These people are excellent cabin rental company prospects.  At a cabin rental company, you are their customer.  They are in the business of putting as many people through managed cabins as fast as possible because their fee is a percentage of what you pay.  At Sunrock Lodge, you are our guest.  We are welcoming you into our home and we are going to do everything we can to see to it that your visit with us is memorable.  We seek guests that appreciate what we provide and want to return again and again, guests that have experienced the difference we strive to achieve and find comfort in knowing that a visit to the Blue Ridge area and Sunrock Lodge is going to be a positive, memorable experience every time.


Sunrock Lodge is unique. There are plenty of cabins in the Blue Ridge area. There are relatively few 4-bedroom cabins.  We do not know of any other 4-bedroom cabin in the area that features every bedroom with its own private bathroom and large walk-in closet. All of our bedrooms, we call them suites, are the same size – huge. Every suite is over 14 feet square. The upstairs suites are nearly 16 feet square. Every suite in Sunrock Lodge has the same incredible view that is the main feature of our property.  Sunrock Lodge was designed specifically for short-term rental use; it is not built from a recycled residential house plan.  You will not find anything like it anywhere.  It is the largest home on Sunrock Mountain.  Most other properties have one nice master suite and 2-3 tiny bedrooms, most of them with no view, no private bathroom, and limited if any storage space.  You will not find our accommodation amenity at any other property we know of. Our guests comment time and again about having multiple couples in the house without anyone ever getting into each other’s way.

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