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Rental Property Evaluation Guide


Vacation homes are expensive for their owners and their guests. Making a decision among a variety of potential vacation homes can be a difficult and time-consuming effort. You never know what you’ve bought until you get there. We understand this because we travel a lot and use owner managed properties every chance we get. We have prepared this checklist to help you determine whether Sunrock meets your needs for the event you have in mind. Please let us know if there are other items that are part of your decision process because we would like to add them to our list.

This list was developed to help you with your planning. Please let us know if you found it helpful or you have any suggestions as to how we can improve it.


( * ) – If you cannot answer yes to this question, we would sincerely appreciate your feedback related to your assessment of price/value. Sunrock Lodge does not make a profit and the hope of selling it for a large profit in the future is long gone. It is our second home and we enjoy sharing it with people who want it to become a part of their family’s memories. We also want to be fair to everyone concerned. If you believe we are falling short of this goal, we would value your input whether you choose to stay with us or not. Thanks for considering Sunrock Lodge.


Jo Ann and Ray Snead

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